14M Graders
The graders are advanced pieces of equipment to the county in the respect that the graders have a technologically advanced cab featuring joystick controls, which essentially replaces the steering wheel and all of the levers of a traditional motor grader.

Advanced Joystick Controls
The joystick controls reduce hand and wrist movement by 78% compared to conventional lever controls. This feature reduces fatigue, increases operator comfort, provides ease of multifunctional capabilities, increases productivity, is easy to learn, and provides precise implement control.

Intuitive Steering Control
The 14M introduces a breakthrough in joystick steering control. This technology creates a direct relationship between the lean angle of the joystick and the turning angle of the steer tires. A brake tension system holds the joystick in position until the operator moves it. In addition, the steering control automatically reduces steering sensitivity at higher ground speeds for comfortable and predictable control.

A variety of design modifications have dramatically enhanced cab visibility for the M-Series, improving operator confidence, productivity, and safety.  Removing the control levers and relocating the hydraulic valves from beneath the cab enables the doors to be angled, opening up new lines of sight to the moldboard, in addition, the sloped and tapered engine enclosure and a patented, sloped rear window provide clear sight lines to the rear of the machine and ripper.

D6 Tractor
The D6 tractor also has many features that enable the operator to reach maximum productivity! Some features include:
  • The operator's station provides an excellent viewing area to the blade and rear of the machine.
  • Controls are low effort and easy to reach.
  • The cylinder head is a new four-valve, cross-flow design that provides improved combustion through enhanced air flow from smooth intake and exhaust ports. The cylinder head also features lighter, yet strong, rocker arms and valve bridges, allowing more dynamic camshaft design. This improves combustion, resulting in better response, lower emissions, and reduced fuel costs.
  • The air-cooled electronic control module manages fuel delivery to get the best performance per liter (gallon) of fuel used. Flexible fuel mapping allows the engine to respond quickly to varying application needs. It tracks engine and machine conditions while keeping the engine operating at peak efficiency.