Road Bans & Overweight Permits

The preservation of the County of Stettler's road network is accomplished by the strict enforcement of road bans, issuing overweight routing and permits, and encouraging compliance by the road users.

The objective of these initiatives is to ensure our roadway infrastructure is maintained to the highest possible level in the most effective and efficient manner. This will allow for the safe and comfortable transportation of people and goods.

Overweight Permits
For all overweight permits and inquiries, contact RoaData Services at 888-830-7623.

Permit Conditions
It is the responsibility of the driver of the load to know, understand and abide by the Overweight Permit Conditions as set out by the County of Stettler and the Province of Alberta.

Road Resources

The following road resources are available:
  • Permanent Bans
  • Road Restrictions
  • Road Use Agreement
  • Seasonal Bans