Expense Reports


The County of Stettler has passed a motion in October 2012 to publish our expense reports for elected officials in a more transparent manner. Monthly expense reports for each councillor will be published online as they are approved in council.


When you are looking at the expense reports, there are a few things you should know about the rules councillors have to follow. Firstly, there is an additional payment to councillors that are serving as Reeve or Deputy Reeve. This is compensation for the extra hours these two positions dedicate to county activities, including signing cheques and letters, bringing greetings, and giving speeches on the county's behalf and meetings with administration for various county matters.

Councillors also get a $750 per month payment for preparation days and to cover the amount of time they spend in their ward, either answering telephone calls, visiting ratepayers, preparing reports, and preparing for their meetings.

The rest of the expenses are paid out on a per event basis. If a councillor attended an event approved by the rest of council, they will get paid a daily or half-daily rate as well as mileage. Meals are only covered if they are not provided by the meeting or event. For the most part, these events include council meetings, planning meetings, committee meetings, and meetings with regional and local partners in government.


If you have any questions about the expense reports or elected official accountability, please don't hesitate to contact your councillor or Chief Administrating Officer at 403-742-4441.