Site Inspection Schedule

The Planning and Development department undertakes a site inspection of every subdivision and development application, so that we are able to make informed recommendations to the subdivision and development authorities. This means that the processing of your application is not complete until we do an inspection before we issue the development permit, or take a report to the subdivision or development authority.

Site inspections are scheduled for the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. Sometimes we have to move the inspection days to meet other commitments or due to the weather. In order to provide you with the benefit of submitting your application in time for the next scheduled site inspection, which could reduce your waiting time, please review the site inspection schedule. If you get your application to us on the Thursday of the week before the scheduled site inspection, we will in most cases be able to include you in the site inspection for that week.
Contact Information
Please call 403-742-4441 if you want to discuss more details of the site inspections.