Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

Decisions of the Development Authority on development permit applications are advertised in the newspaper (and, in the case of a discretionary use or a variance, also mailed to adjacent landowners). When an applicant or an adjacent landowner disagrees with a decision on a development permit application, they may appeal the decision to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

Decisions of the Subdivision Authority on subdivision applications can only be appealed by the applicant (and in some cases a provincial government agency or a school board). An appeal must be submitted to the County's Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, unless the land that is the subject of the subdivision application is located within the setback distances stipulated in Section 5 of the Subdivision and Development Regulation (Alberta Regulation 43/2002) pertaining to a highway, a body of water or a sewage treatment or waste management facility, in which case the appeal must be forwarded to the provincial Municipal Government Board.


The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board is made up of County ratepayers and an external chairman who is a member of the Alberta Professional Planners Institute. The board does not include any members of the Municipal Planning Commission or staff who make decisions on development and subdivision applications, or any County Councilors.

The Municipal Government Board is administered by the Provincial Government.

Appeal Process & Fee

An appeal to the County's Subdivision and Development Appeal Board must be filed in writing (download the appeal form below). There is a time limit on filing an appeal from the date of the notice of decision, so please make sure you contact us immediately after receiving notice of a development or subdivision decision.

An appeal fee of $450 will be charged and the full amount will be refunded if the appeal is successful.

The clerk of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board is available to help you file an appeal correctly and to provide information that the Subdivision and Development Board needs to make an objective decision. Call us at (403) 742-4441.


Appeal Form (Fillable and Printable PDF)

Appeal Form (Print Only)