Budget 2019

The County of Stettler works on a three year budget cycle. We use the three year model to forecast future expenditures and plan for future projects. It gives council an awareness of what expenditures may be coming, which in turn, makes their decisions more informed and forward thinking.

Council and Administration are starting to review priorities and projects for 2019. Since we are in the beginning stages of planning the budget, It is the perfect time to get feedback on the priorities residents have in regards to County Services.

Have your say!

Our budget survey will be used to help council set priorities for services in the next budget year, and now is the opportunity to help council by voicing your opinions about what services you want to see from the County.

The survey is short, only 4 questions long, and you input will be incorporated in budget deliberations over the summer. Deadline for the survey is July 31, 2018.

Budget 2019 Survey 

Budget - Documents