Electoral Ward Review

The County of Stettler No. 6 is currently divided into seven wards with seven elected officials, one official from each ward, representing each ward. Good governance calls for equal opportunity for representation across our county. Wards are divided by population. Upon review over the past two years, increased population in the County region surrounding the Town (Stettler Ward), and the addition of Botha and Gadsby to the County of Stettler population (both villages have now been added to the Botha-Gadsby Ward), has led to a natural unbalancing of population in some of our seven wards within our boundaries.

In response, earlier this year we began a thorough review of current ward populations and ward boundaries within our borders.

Currently we have seven wards in the County of Stettler, and as it sits today, the Botha/Gadsby Ward has 35% more than the median population of each ward, and Byemoor/Endiang has 35% less than the median population of the wards. The goal, to offer all equal representation in their wards, is to equalize the population of each ward. To do so, the boundaries of our wards must be adjusted. We will be looking for your feedback on proposed adjustments. 

Council collected feedback, and has proposed the below changes to the ward boundaries. To provide additional feedback, contact your County Councillor.

Current Ward Boundaries

current wards

Proposed Boundaries

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