Les Stulberg

My decision to run for council again was largely due to the fact I still had some things I wanted to see accomplished in my ward and in the County. That paired with some unfinished council business from last term that I wanted to see completed was also a contributing factor in my desire to continue on council.

Community has always been important to me and it’s difficult to just stop looking after its best interest when it has been in my blood for so long. I want to see the County prosper and business be successful in every corner of the County so that expected services can continue to be provided. I’m always interested in hearing thoughts and ideas of the residents to build a thriving County. With teamwork and positive energy many things can be achieved.

Sometimes council work can be daunting, challenging and seem thankless but there are pleasant surprises when the odd bouquet gets tossed your way — positive feedback or the occasional simple thank-you — combined with completing projects, make it all worthwhile.

I am sincerely looking forward to working with the new Council and the County Administration to try our best to have a positive impact for all County residents from Buffalo Lake to Sullivan Lake and from the Red Deer River to the Battle River and all places in between. With the support of all residents and councillors the opportunities and possibilities are endless.


Phone: (403)740-5003

Email: lstulberg@stettlercounty.ca

Les Stulberg