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Posted on: August 20, 2021

Gravel Road Stabilization and the use of 1.5" Gravel

We’ve heard your concerns – and we’re adjusting the program

Over the last several years, many of the service requests that Public Works has received, are related to unstable, soft, muddy, slippery and rutted roads.

  • This is largely a result of lower quality subgrades that were constructed many years ago for completely different (lower/smaller) traffic loadings. Over the years, trucks and equipment sizes have substantially increased, and with that, the need to strengthen our roads to handle today’s traffic and needs. County Council requested solutions to this concern.
  • Council accepted the approach over the past two years, to place the 1.5” gravel as a surface course to strengthen and structure the road surfaces. As the 1.5” material gets worked into the road, the road will smooth out and be ready to accept the 1” and ¾” surfacing gravels again.
  • Adding 1.5” gravel isn’t the ‘new’ way to gravel our County roads. It is a restructuring program.
  • ¾” and 1” gravel will be the surface of these roads again, once the 1.5” structure gravel works in.

Typically, this gravel works into the road surface in a timely manner with average rainfalls. This summer season has presented the challenge that the gravel isn’t working in as quickly as we would hope, with an unexpected lack of moisture in our region.

While we can’t control the moisture, or more accurately the lack of it this year, we have heard and listened to your concerns, and we are adjusting our road rejuvenation program to address your concerns.

  • We are closely and diligently double-checking and monitoring large finds (rocks) in the gravel being spread, and removing them.
  • We will continue with the road rejuvenation, however we will be cutting the 1.5” gravel deeper into the surface and using wobbly packers on our graders to incorporate it faster into the surface structure
  • We are watering areas of high concern and using a packer to work the 1.5” gravel in more quickly

We are reducing the quantity of the spread, or spreading a thinner layer of 1.5” while moisture levels remain low.

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