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Posted on: April 24, 2023

Bar W Resort – Proposed Development


The developer of the Bar W Resort is seeking feedback from the public before making a formal development permit application to the County of Stettler. Interested members of the public are encouraged to visit the project website and provide comments.

A project website can be accessed at and it provides details about the project.

Comments on the project are being excepted by the developer up until May 20, 2023.

For questions about the project please call 403-270-5600 or email


Please note the following regarding the County’s role and approval process:

  1. The County’s role with the Bar W Resort is that of the local planning approval authority. A formal development permit approval is required from the County before the use can commence and onsite construction can begin. The County is not part of the developer’s “project team.”
  2. As of April 24, 2023, a formal development permit has not yet been submitted to the County for processing. A submission is expected in the next several weeks. The decision on when to submit is made by the developer.
  3. A summary of input collected by the developer as part of their public engagement is expected to be submitted to the County with the development permit application.
  4. Any comments that you may provide to the County may be shared with the developer and the public. Your identity is not kept private.
  5. As the owner of the subject site, the developer is entitled to make an application for development permit approval just like any other landowner. Caveats on the title do not take away this right. If an application is made, then the County has a duty to process the application.
  6. Once a formal development permit application is received by the County, the County has 20 days to confirm that the information needed to process and decide on the application has been provided. If all required information has been provided, the County will have 40 days to decide on the application.
  7. The decision on the application will be made by the County’s Municipal Planning Commission.
  8. Given the broad interest in the proposed development, the County will facilitate further public opportunity to comment by:
    1. Providing notice once the development permit application has been deemed complete;
    2. Posting the application and supporting information on the County website;
    3. Posting the planning staff report and agenda for the Municipal Planning Commission meeting at which the application will be considered on the County website;
    4. Hearing brief statements from members of the public during the Municipal Planning Commission meeting.


For questions about the County’s development permit approval process, please contact Craig Teal, RPP MCIP at or 403-742-4441 (ext. 119).

Please check this site for future updates.

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