Section 147.4 Local Authorities Elections Act

Subject to Section 147.4 of the Local Authorities Elections Act, each candidate must, by March 1 following a general election, file a disclosure statement in the prescribed form. 

A candidate who is required to file a disclosure statement under section 147.4 and fails to file that document by the filing deadline must pay a late filing fee of $500 to the relevant local jurisdiction. 

Section 147.8 requires the secretary for the purpose of the Act report to Council when a candidate fails to file a disclosure statement within 10 days of the deadline. Upon receipt of such a report, the Council shall make the report public. On Friday, March 11 at 4:30 PM, CAO Yvette Cassidy has reported to Council that the following candidate(s) have not filed a disclosure statement as required by the Local Authorities Election:
  • Earl Marshall
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