Shelterbelt Planting Program

Ordering Trees - Deadline March 16, 2018

The County of Stettler has again partnered with Tree Time for 2018, to provide a Shelterbelt program. The County of Stettler is coordinating the delivery of trees purchased by citizens. As a result, we will handle the cost of all freight. Unfortunately, due to the loss of federal funding, this new program is user-pay.

The order form is below. Please place and pay for your order at our new Public Works Facility,19561 Twp Rd 384. A late fee of 15% will be applied to orders made after March 16, and we will not accept any orders after April 27, 2018.
(Order early to ensure availability of your favorites). 

We project trees will be delivered between May 7-14, 2018.

Tree Time Order Form


We are willing and able to assist in planning your new shelterbelt rows. The County of Stettler can provide a tree planter and two operators for planting 200 trees and more. This unit requires the land owner to provide a tractor with hydraulics, a driver, and a minimal fee.

We also have a plastic mulch applicator free for your use, you just need to purchase the plastic mulch. The addition of plastic mulch to your shelterbelt tree planting provides your trees with the best possible opportunity for growth. 

If you have questions about our services, or would like assistance planning your shelterbelt we would be very pleased to help. Contact our Agricultural Services Department at 403-742-4441.