The County of Stettler lives the rural lifestyle; enjoying picturesque landscapes, close-knit communities, and offering plenty of space for your family to grow. Whether you’re living on an acreage, in one of our hamlets, or on a family farm – you're a part of the County of Stettler and enjoying the rural lifestyle.

Living rural also means having different access to services and amenities, requiring residents to become more self-sufficient. The County of Stettler assists residents by providing access to services and programs, some examples include:

  • Partnering with other regional partners to form the Stettler Waste Management Authority (SWMA) to provide access to garbage and recycling facilities closer to home.
  • Maintaining and expanding rural water access throughout the County.
  • Lobbying the provincial and federal governments to better cellular and internet connectivity in rural communities.
  • Providing upkeep to roadways and other infrastructure within County boundaries.
  • Assisting, both through funding and promotion, of recreation boards, programming and facilities.