Noxious Weeds

Spray Program
The County of Stettler maintains a roadside spray program for the control of noxious weeds, brush, and other targeted species along the roadside ditches. Any serious infestations may require spraying of municipal right of ways (roadsides) within the County of Stettler.

All weeds on the restricted and noxious lists are important to take care of and our staff is available to assist ratepayers with control options. This program commences by the beginning of June each year.

The herbicides used are determined by weather conditions, targeted weeds, and surrounding vegetation. In certain cases, mechanical control and/or handpicking may also be used.

Why We Spray
  • Efficient weed control. Mowing would be required more often and at a greater cost.
  • Reduces snow traps along roads providing increased safety to public users and reducing costs of snow removal.
  • Reduces the amount of wildlife attracted to roadsides, in the cases of sweet clover and brush, thus improving safety to commuter traffic.
  • Reduces the spread of weeds to agricultural lands thus restricting contamination of farmland, competition to crops and reducing the restriction of certain crops due to weeds.