No Spray Zones

Sign Up for No Spraying
The County of Stettler Agricultural Service Board will be spraying undesirable vegetation within the county right of ways from May-October. This is done to control the spread of weeds and to prevent large trees and brush from impacting roadbed integrity. 

If you do not want the right-of-ways adjacent to your property sprayed, please contact the county office by calling
403-742-4441, or emailing Quinton Beaumont as soon as possible to fill out a No Spray Form. 

No Spray Zone Signs

Signs must be posted at the corner boundaries and any other public access points between the corner boundaries of lands adjacent to the county right-of-way on which agreements requesting non-chemical control of undesirable vegetation have been signed.

These signs must be 24 inches by 18 inches on white background with 4-inch letters stating "no spray area". The signs are to be mounted in a clear and unobstructed view at the required locations. All signs must be approved by the agricultural fieldman.