Emergency Management


The director is responsible for fullfilling the obligation of this position serving both the County and Town of Stettler. Part of this mandate is developing and coordinating an overall regional program of preparedness for, response to, and recovery from, emergencies and disasters, as well as assisting other municipalities to develop and maintain a high level of emergency preparedness.

Emergency Management Act

Effective May 2007, the Disaster Services Act has been replaced by the Emergency Management Act.

In 2007, the County of Stettler, Town of Stettler, Villages of Big Valley, Botha, Donalda, Gadsby, and Summer Villages of White Sands and Rochon Sands formed a regional partnership agreement for emergency management services.

Staff Function

With the director and deputies of emergency management, we are continually involved in the planning and training issues surrounding emergency management for the Town and County of Stettler.

Emergency Agreement

With changes in the old Disaster Services Act, the summer villages now have the authority to declare their own local state of emergency, which they did not have previously. We have been working with the Summer Villages of White Sands, Rochon Sands, villages of Big Valley, Donalda, Botha, Gadsby, Town of Stettler, and the County of Stettler to join together to form a regional framework agreement for emergency management. 

This will allow all of us to work together under a mutual agreement in a time of emergency. This agreement has now been finalized to provide emergency management services.