County of Stettler Bylaw Library

Commonly Requested Bylaws

Listed below are some of the different bylaws for the community. Bylaws not listed below can be obtained by calling the County of Stettler at 403-742-4441 or sending an email.
  • Dog Control Bylaw - The Dog Control Bylaw sets out the rules and regulations surrounding dog ownership within the County of Stettler; Schedule A was amended and is attached, as amended.
  • Fee Bylaw - The Fee Bylaw establishes the schedule of fees that the County of Stettler charges for numerous goods and services it provides to the general public.
  • General Traffic Bylaw - The General Traffic Bylaw sets out the rules and regulations pertaining to the use of the County of Stettler's roadways.
  • Land Use Bylaw - The Land Use Bylaw sets out the rules and regulations for developing within the County of Stettler.
  • Municipal Development Plan - the Municipal Development Plan provides Council's policies relative to land use and subdivision and other matters such as intermunicipal cooperation.
  • Nuisance Bylaw - The Nuisance Bylaw sets out the definition of a nuisance and the penalties and procedures that apply when a nuisance is reported.
  • Procedural Bylaw - The Procedural Bylaw establishes the rules and regulations for the order and conduct in which Council shall transact its business and meetings.  This includes committee structure, meeting schedules, leadership rules and remuneration.
  • Councillor Code of Conduct - The Councillor Code of Conduct declares the standard of behavior and actions for County of Stettler elected officials. These standards are to ensure the highest public confidence in, and respect for local government and interpersonal relationships, to ensure effective leadership in, and through, the elected Council, and to ensure that Council and Councillors act with the highest level of integrity and ethical behaviour.
  • Tax Rate Bylaw - The annual Bylaw which establishes the rates of taxation for properties located within the County of Stetler
  • Village of Botha Repealing Bylaw - This Bylaw repeals most of the relevant Bylaws that were in place for the Village of Botha and in repealing them, have brought the Village of Botha within the legislative framework of the County of Stettler. The residents that reside in Botha are now governed by the County of Stettler Bylaws. 
  • Advertising Bylaw - Council is required by the Municipal Government Act to advertise particular opportunities, including the ability for residents to petition particular bylaws or have a say in items like development permits and subdivisions that affect them. This Bylaw outlines where and how Council may advertise for public notification and participation opportunities.
  • Rezoning - Paradise Shores Bylaw - This is the Bylaw that is responsible for the rezoning of the land currently set aside for the construction of the Paradise Shores RV Resort.
  • Advertising Bylaw
  • Cannabis Consumption Bylaw
  • Cannabis Land Use Bylaw
  • Land Use Bylaw - Botha
  • Village of Botha - Repealing Bylaw
  • Borrowing Bylaw - Land and Gravel Supply

County of Stettler Policy Manual