Subdivision & Development Authorities

Municipal Planning Commission Meetings
  • 1:00 p.m.
  • Fourth Wednesday of every month
  • County of Stettler Council Chambers
    6602 - 44 Ave.
    Stettler, Alberta
These meetings are open to the public.

The County's development authority consists of the development officers on staff and the Municipal Planning Commission, which is made up of all the County Councillors. The development officers make decisions on permitted use development permit applications and regulation variances of up to 10%, while the Municipal Planning Commission makes decisions on discretionary use development permit applications and regulation variances of more than 10% to a maximum of 25%. The Municipal Planning Commission also reviews any development permit application that the development officer refers to it.

The County's subdivision authority is the Municipal Planning Commission. Council has delegated the approval of a subdivision application for a single parcel of 5 acres or less, against which no objections have been received and that has the consent of the divisional councilor, to the director of the Planning and Development Department. The Municipal Planning Commission decides on all other subdivision applications.

Contact Information
Please call the Planning and Development department at 403-742-4441 if you want to discuss more details of the functions of the Municipal Planning Commission, or if you require previous meeting minutes or agendas of upcoming meetings.