Proposed Development - Paradise Shores RV Resort

Paradise Shores RV Resort

Proposed Development Permit for Paradise Shores - UPDATE: This item has been removed from the May 22, 2018 Municipal Planning Commission Agenda, and will be heard at a later date.

The County of Stettler Council  gave second reading to the Paradise Shores Area Structure Plan and Rezoning bylaws, and assembled a committee at their regular council meeting on May 9, 2018. 

The committee was assembled to determine and propose the Development Permit Conditions for Paradise Shores to the County's Municipal Planning Commission. The committee met on Monday, May 14 along with representatives from the Summer Village of White Sands, the Summer Village of Rochon Sands and the Developer. The proposed Development Permit Conditions from this committee meeting are to be presented to the Municipal Planning Commission Board, made up of all seven County Councillors, on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 1:00 PM. 

The Municipal Planning Commission will consider these conditions, and consider issuing a development permit at this meeting on May 22. The proposed Development Permit Conditions for Paradise Shores RV Resort, will be available for viewing here on our website on Thursday, May 17th. 

The Public is welcome to attend the Municipal Planning Commission Board Meeting. The meeting will not be recorded or Live-Streamed.

May 8, 2018
The Dispute Resolution Process between the Summer Village of White Sands and the Summer Village of Rochon Sands was completed on May 3, 2018. The following press release was issued upon the conclusion:

Dispute Settled between the County of Stettler and the Summer Village of White Sands and Rochon Sands Regarding Proposed Development

Traffic Impact Assessment - Updated May 9/18

Archeological Research Permit

Traffic Impact Assessment - Updated March 26

Wetland Assessment - Updated March 21/18

Approach Application

Environmental Protection Plan

Traffic Impact Assessment - preliminary

Raptor Nest Survey


“We have received an unprecedented amount of input and engagement from the public in response to the proposed development on the south shore of Buffalo Lake. We are committed to understanding the opposition presented to us and are thankful for the public’s participation in the input process. We feel we now have a good understanding of all of the issues surrounding the proposed development. We are continuing to research and investigate all of the ideas presented to us. If you have further inquiries regarding the interpretation of the Buffalo Lake Intermunicipal Development Plan we direct you to your governing municipality and council, as they will be representing you throughout the next steps of the dispute resolution process.”

Disputes were filed on March 8, 2018 and March 12, 2018 from the Summer Village of Rochon Sands and the Summer Village of White Sands, respectively. The County of Stettler has now engaged in the dispute resolution process with these villages. Second reading can not commence until the dispute resolution process has been completed as outlined in the IDP.


The Public Hearing for the Paradise Shores RV Resort proposed development was held on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 1:00 PM at the Stettler District Agricultural Society Pavilion (Heritage Room) located at 4516-52 Street, Stettler AB (West Entrance).

RV Canada made their first public presentation to County of Stettler Council on Wednesday, February 14 at 10:30 AM at the County of Stettler Administration Building, You may view their presentation on our You Tube Channel

Council gave first reading to Bylaws 1588-18 Area Structure Plan and 1589-18 Rezoning on February 14, 2018.To clarify, First Reading does not represent approval, or disapproval of a proposed bylaw. It is a formality which enables Council to open an item up for discussion.

The second step was the Public Hearing.
Recording of the March 17, 2018 - Public Hearing

Public Hearing - Complete Bylaw Package

The County of Stettler accepted written submissions comments/input made to, until Noon on Friday, March 16, 2018. SUBMISSIONS RECEIVED - Bylaws 1588-18 and 1589-18.

The Public Hearing was advertised in the Stettler Independent in the March 1 and March 8, 2018 issues. Adjacent landowners were notified.

The Public Hearing was conducted in accordance with our Procedural Bylaw 1563-16: 6. Public Hearings.