Ward 2: Big Valley



Phone: 403-740-2973

Email: dgrover@stettlercounty.ca


I will continue to work hard to make the County of Stettler a place where young people want to move back to - whether on a farm, an acreage or in a hamlet.


I believe our younger generations should have the right and opportunity to raise their families in this wonderful community, the same as I have, and my children are. The young people that are moving back here to live and raise their families enhance our recreation facilities and rodeo arenas and support the continuation of our family farms.


The County of Stettler has had clean audits for the last 14 years, a fact we are very proud of. We also stand out by working closely with our partners at the Town of Stettler to provide many and diverse recreational opportunities. Other rural communities envy this relationship we have worked very hard to build.


Our region has an incredible sense of community with many long-standing events bringing our communities together in our rural settings, which we support and encourage. I am proud to live here and to have the opportunity to represent my community.