Ward 4: Erskine South-Warden



Phone: 403-741-9493

Email: jnibourg@stettlercounty.ca


My time on Council has been very rewarding and as I look back, I can see many projects that we at the County of Stettler have completed.


I do feel the best part of our job as Councillors is to do the day-to-day helping of people, whether navigating the municipal world to get a road graded or advocating for highway or bridge repairs. It is a very good feeling when you know you have helped someone. This term I would like to keep this up. It is not the big things we do but all the little things that add up to make this a great place to live.


I have been very blessed to work with just plain awesome people at the County of Stettler. We do have such a creative and hard-working bunch of people at the County. It is refreshing when you see a project mapped out and then the forces get to work and make it happen. We really do have a super crew of people that make things happen, I am very proud of the County of Stettler staff and management and what they do they do for you!