Shelterbelt Planning Program

Planting a shelterbelt is a great option to assist in limiting wind erosion to your land.

Are you interested in adding to, expanding or creating a shelterbelt on your property? The County of Stettler has partnered with Tree Time (, to provide access to a Shelterbelt program. The County of Stettler coordinates the delivery of trees purchased by our citizens and handles the cost of all freight. Unfortunately, due to the loss of federal funding, the cost of this program is user-pay.

Ordering a Shelterbelt
Program opens December 11, 2023 with the deadline to order (and receive the County discount) being March 8, 2024.

  1. Plan your shelterbelt! Go to Tree Time to look at all possibilities and choose trees.
  2. Contact the County of Stettler, via phone at (403)742-4441 (x3), to discuss the shelterbelt planting program. Once you’ve chosen your trees, place and pay for your order at our Public Works Facility. 
    County of Stettler Public Works
    19561 Twp Rd 38-4
    Stettler, AB, T0C 2L0
  3. Be prepared to provide 2-3 contact numbers for notification when the trees arrive. You must pick-up the trees from the County of Stettler as soon as possible after notification. This is essential for survival of your shelterbelt. For your planning purposes, the approximate week of delivery will be the second week of May, 2024.
  4. Upon notification, arrange your pick up time with staff, and pick up at the County of Stettler Public Works Facility. 
    County of Stettler Public Works
    19561 Twp Rd 38-4
    Stettler, AB


Our staff is willing and able to assist in the planning of new shelterbelts. We can provide a tree planter and two operators if planting 200+ trees, as long as the landowner is willing to provide a tractor with hydraulics and a driver.

We also have plastic mulch applicator, free for your use, as long as you purchase plastic mulch. The addition of plastic mulch while planting a shelterbelt offers better opportunity for tree growth. The County of Stettler has Plastic Mulch available for sale.

For questions about services, options or assistance planning the shelterbelt, please contact the Manager of Agricultural Services for details.

Shelterbelt Resources

Dept of Ag - Shelterbelts: Design Guidelines

Treetime - How to Plant a Shelterbelt

Winter Tree Care

Our Manager of Agricultural Services has hosted workshops on our YouTube page.