Equipment and Property Assessment

Machinery & Equipment

Assessments of machinery and equipment comprises of equipment like underground tanks, separators, and compressors. These items are in compressor stations, battery sites, etc.

Railway Property

The assessed value of railway property is based on a fixed dollar amount per kilometer. Based on the annual tonnage transported on the railway right-of-way.

Linear Property

Linear property is assessed using regulated rates and depreciation, which applies specifically to these property class. Each year the power portion of linear property assessment declines in accordance with the regulated depreciation schedules. Linear property assessments are completed by the Municipal Affairs - Industrial Branch Power and Pipeline. Their information is based off the Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) records and reported information from the oil companies.

Complaints or changes for railway or linear properties, must be directed to the Government of Alberta Industrial Branch. You can contact the Branch at calling (780)427-2345 or faxing (780)422-8302, our rite number is 310-0000.