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Client Satisfaction Survey

  1. Colour SDAA Logo.png

  2. commendation label AMBULANCE

  3. Month/Date/Year

  4. Courtesy of the 911 call operator.*

  5. Usefulness of instruction provided by the 911 call personnel prior to the arrival of Stettler EMS*

  6. Professionalism/appearance of Stettler EMS personnel.*

  7. Stettler EMS personnel's knowledge of your complaint.

  8. Quality of care provided by Stettler EMS personnel.*

  9. Concern Stettler EMS personnel showed for your questions or worries.*

  10. Concern Stettler EMS personnel showed for your family and friends.*

  11. Degree to which Stettler EMS personnel explained the procedures they performed in a manner that you could understand.*

  12. Cleanliness of the ambulance and equipment.*

  13. Overall satisfaction with the service you received from Stettler EMS.*

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