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2020 FALL Photo Contest

  1. Theme: The activities and games we play in Stettler County.

    Focus on the fun and sometimes unusual rural activities, and games we play in Stettler County -r show us 'your rainbows' you and your family and friends are getting through this global pandemic! This could include traditional games like hockey, rodeo and curling, to the untraditional and creative fun activities we come up with, to cut into the monotony of everyday work and chore-life in rural Alberta.

  2. Eligibility

    Our 2020 Photo Contest will occur throughout the year. Participants are invited to submit up to three (3) photos per SEASON. As always, your submissions must be photos taken within the County of Stettler. Following are the dates and submission deadlines: WINTER: February 1- March 31 SPRING: April 1 - June 20 SUMMER: June 22 - September 8 FALL: September 8 - November 2

  3. Prizes

    Prizes for contest winners include $75 in Heart of Alberta dollars (Stettler Bucks) and one Grand Prize winner will be awarded an iPad!

  4. Submissions

    Please note - your photos do not have to be taken during the above timelines, the timelines simply outline the submission ‘opening’ and ‘deadline’ for that season. Judging for our 2020 Photo contest will occur in November and winning entries will be included in our 2021 Calendar. Photographs must be submitted electronically. We are looking for high quality photos, so take the photos on your camera’s highest resolution setting and don’t downsize the photos when you are saving or sending them. Landscapes work better than 'portrait' for calendar format. The photos that are submitted must be taken by the entrant and must have been taken within the County of Stettler. Photos taken within the Town of Stettler, Villages of Gadsby, Big Valley or Donalda or the Summer Villages of Rochon Sands or White Sands will be accepted and considered for our calendar, but won’t be eligible for the grand prize. If requested, you must be able to confirm where in the County of Stettler your photos were taken. There are no time restrictions on when the photo was taken. We will accept photos that were taken in previous years. Your submissions must be original, unpublished photographs.

  5. Deadline for Submissions is NOVEMBER 2, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

  6. All photos must be submitted electronically in JPG format and accompanied by this entry form. Please do not watermark or add any identifying features to the photographs, as they are judged anonymously.

  7. Acceptance of Rules*

    By submitting the entry form, the photographer consents to entry of his or her submission and agrees to the photography contest rules and the decision of the judges, which are final and binding in all matters of this contest. The photographer grants the County of Stettler the unrestricted rights to use the photograph for any purpose including, but not limited to, publishing the photo in print or electronic form for promotional use or publication by the County of Stettler without further compensation, and the right to use the photographers name as a credit along with the photograph. The photographer acknowledges that he/she has obtained permission from all recognizable persons or the parents or legal guardians of minors appearing in the photograph to release the photograph to the County of Stettler and grants the County of Stettler the right to publish the photograph.

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